20190307 | Release 0.10.0

Today we release 0.10.0, a release with major changes under the hood that will make IPFS Cluster perform significantly faster with large pinsets and less memory demanding.

For those upgrading, this release is a mandatory step before any future upgrades, as it will upgrade the internal state to a new format which prepares the floor for the upcoming addition of an alternative CRDT-based “consensus” component. The new component will increase IPFS Cluster scalability orders of magnitude and unlock collaborative Cluster where random invididuals can collaborate in replicating content.

We also have a few new features:

  • Path resolving before pinning and unpinning
  • Ability to manually specify pin allocations
  • Environment variable override to all configuration options
  • Added the possibility to store custom metadata with all pins

Finally, the Cluster team would like to thank @alekswn and @roignpar for their awesome contributions!

Be sure to check the changelog for a detailed overview of changes and upgrade notices.

Happy pinning!