20191001 | Release 0.11.0

A few days ago we shipped IPFS Cluster 0.11.0. This was a huge leap forward as it finally crystallizes the journey to replace Raft with a system that allows peers to come and go freely from a cluster while keeping consistency guarantees on the shared pinset. The effort to find a suitable replacement started almost a year ago and resulted in a new crdt component that is based on go-ds-crdt, a datastore implementation using Merkle-CRDTs.

As mentioned in the changelog, version 0.11.0 is the biggest release in the project’s history and it comes with many other features and improvements.

We have also started running IPFS Cluster workshops on several conferences. We keep an updated list of past and upcoming events at our workshops repository. In these workshops, participants install and run cluster peers with a IPFS-hosted configuration and they automatically discover each other, form a Cluster and try out all commands.

During the upcoming months we will be shipping more features but also start taking advantage of IPFS Cluster’s new features by launching public collaborative clusters: we will publish instructions for anyone to join specific clusters to backup pieces of important IPFS data such as the distributions page, wikipedia mirrors or community websites.

We wish you a lot of success using the latest version of IPFS Cluster.