20210514 | NFT.storage - powered by IPFS Cluster v0.13.3

Filecoin recently announced the launch of NFT.storage, a pinning service to provide perpetual IPFS storage specifically catered to NFT creators and collectors.

The service is backed by storage provided by Pinata and Protocol Labs, with the service on the Protocol Labs side relying on IPFS Cluster for pin tracking and replication.

The service has been setup as a collaborative cluster with 3 main storage peers run by Protocol Labs. The Cluster currently tracks and pins 1.900.000+ items, including many existing NFTs from around the web, which are preserved for posterity.

To better support the requirements of the project, a couple of upgrades have been added to IPFS Cluster:

  • First, we have enabled batch-pin ingest in CRDT-mode. This allowed us to easily ingest over 400.000 pins to the cluster in less than 1 hour, with a very low cost to the system. From that point, the cluster peers make sure that IPFS pins the items in an orderly fashion, restarting stuck pins as needed.

  • Second, we have added the possibility of adding arbitrary DAGs to the cluster directly, by enabling CAR-file imports on the /add endpoint. This powers the storage of CBOR-encoded DAGs, that include metadata and links to the actual NFT-material.

These features have been included in IPFS Cluster 0.13.3, which we just released.

Happy pinning (and now, at very high rates)!