20181031 | Release 0.7.0

We are proud to introduce the 0.7.0 release today. It comes with a few small improvements and bugfixes.

We have slightly changed the /add endpoint response format in a non-compatible way, to return more adequate objects than the ones mimic-ing the IPFS API. It’s not the best but, better now than later.

We have also fixed the proxy /add endpoint to work correctly with the IPFS Companion extension and js-ipfs-api. Thanks to @lidel for helping figuring out the problem!

Regarding features, @kishansagathiya has been making a few contributions lately and now, among other features, we have new commands like ipfs-cluster-ctl health metrics freespace which show the list of last received freespace metrics and their validity.

Finally, we have included a default docker-compose.yml template, which launches a stack with 2 ipfs daemons and 2 cluster peers.

As usual, for the full list of changes and update notices, check out the changelog.