20190218 | Release 0.9.0

IPFS Cluster version 0.9.0 comes with one big new feature, OpenCensus support! This allows for the collection of distributed traces and metrics from the IPFS Cluster application as well as supporting libraries. Currently, we support the use of Jaeger as the tracing backend and Prometheus as the metrics backend. Support for other OpenCensus backends will be added as requested by the community. Please file an issue if you would like to see a particular backend supported. We are looking forward to digging deeper into how IPFS Cluster peers operate and communicate with each other and accurately measuring how they are performing in real world deployments.

The one other significant change that comes with the 0.9.0 release is the removal of the Snap distribution of IPFS Cluster. Due to difficulties in getting Snap builds to work reliably without a disproportionate amount of time spent debugging them, we decided to deprecate the distribution mechanism.

Happy Measured Pinning!