IPFS Cluster is an open source project in the IPFS ecosystem stewarded by Protocol Labs.

Users of the project can expect:

  • Ongoing releases and bug fixes.
  • New functionality, usually focused on unlocking additional scalability of the clusters.
  • Support over the common channels and issue triage.
  • Dependency upgrades, compatibility and features from the IPFS and libp2p downstreams.

The following represent “larger endaevors” that are in our radar:

  • In progress: Full and officially-vetted Kubernetes support.
  • Upcoming: Fully embedded IPFS peer in the IPFS Cluster daemon.
  • Optimistic replication: allow cluster peers to decide what content they back rather than defining allocations.
  • DAG Sharding support: distributing large DAGs across multiple peers. Ongoing effort but lacking go-ipfs support for depth-limited pins.
  • Additional chunking/sharding/encoding strategies. FEC support.
  • Cluster-controlled MFS.
  • Done! Improve the metrics exporting system (i.e. Prometheus) with new metrics.
  • Done! RPC streaming improvements (primarily affects speeding up adding content to many cluster nodes at once).
  • Done! Exploring support for a more allocation strategies e.g. by geographic location or as a function of access patterns.
  • Done! IPFS Pinning API support.